As Farmer's, we know how time consuming running your operation can be. Let My Ag Report help by creating, tracking and storing your spray reports for you. Create them in the field, on the go, with your phone or tablet. When the time comes, you can save, print or email your professionally created files. All for only $250.00 a year.


If you have ran a sprayer you can use the app. The flow and feel of the app is similar to most sprayers on the market today.

  • Easy to use
  • Not tied into you monitor
  • No Monitor set up required
  • Keep Track of Applicators
  • In Field weather integration
  • Self-Made Chemical List so you have YOUR Chemical
  • Create the same Tank mix as your sprayer.
  • Meet the Dicamba requirements by keeping track of your nozzles and sprayer clean out

Create Professional PDF Files your can save, print or email. While storing them Safely on our servers.

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