Who We Are

My Ag Report Started in 2018.  It was started by 3 farmers (don’t worry you will me them later).  They looked at the current onset of Dicamba restrictions and see how long spray reports were going to take them (whether they sprayed dicamba or not).  The new that regulations were probably not going to lessen.  Not finding a suitable solution for them, they like most farmers started planning on how to fix this problem.  That is where My Ag Report came from.

It all started and a simple idea to make spray reports, store them and keep track of your applications.  Over the years we have morphed into so much more.  You can now keep track of planting records as well, with harvest and scouting features coming soon. 

Our goal is to create simple, easy to use but affordable software anyone can use.  You do not need expensive screen (you probably have one in your hand). You do not need to know how to connect everything to a cloud service.  We will pull all the information we can from weather, field name after you set up a few simple steps.  If you do not like some of the data, change it.  It is your information; you are in charge.

Feel free to try My Ag Report for FREE, that is right free for 30 days.  Just really give it a try.  Play around with it for a few days.  If you do not like it, simply cancel your subscription. 


Meet our Team:

Morgan Holler

Morgan has been farming full time since 2010 After he graduated from college with a degree in Agronomy.  He has always had a passion for agriculture and technology.  So starting My Ag Report seemed like a good fit.  Morgan is the CEO and Lead Designer.  He is the one who will take most questions or comments if you need to talk to any support.


Brandon Alberts

Brandon Farms with his dad.  Brandon also is an engineer.  Brandon came on with his knowledge of business and manufacturing.  Brandon helps with flow and design.  He is the VP of Marketing. 


Kevin Holler

Kevin Rounds off our leadership staff.  Kevin Has been farming for the last 41 years.  He came is a wise source to turn to for advice.  He has helps set up My Ag Report, gave tips to design, flow and overall feel.